Hilary can help you in a wide variety of circumstances, whether it’s keeping up with your personal bookkeeping, handling basic legal affairs, or getting you connected to the world through your computer.

Do you need help managing your daily financial needs? 

Imagine that your spouse has suddenly died and chaos sprouts everywhere around you. Your spouse was your world… and everything changed in an instant. Even worse, your spouse’s responsibilities are now your responsibilities.

Your family helps keep you emotionally and mentally stable. And your friends always lend a sympathetic ear.

Your daily finances are the last thing you want to deal with – but you must.

Your spouse took care of everything money wise.  And you’re not keen to ask your children for help – you prefer some privacy around these matters.

Hilary can help. With her MBA and plenty of patience, Hilary can help you get on track with your finances, setting up systems or helping you manage systems that are already in place.


Want to cut down your legal bills?

Perhaps you’ve got some personal legal or business affairs that you need to manage, but pulling together paperwork or drafting letters is not your cup of tea.

Hilary can help. A former legal assistant in a high powered law firm, Hilary can help you prepare in advance for your meetings with lawyers and accountants, saving you from unnecessary bills from much more expensive service providers.


Not quite sure what the difference is between FaceTime and Facebook ?

Say you have grandchildren who live in a different city (or country!), and you’d like to be in closer touch, but working with today’s technology is a challenge you’re not ready to undertake by yourself.

Hilary can help. She knows the difference between FaceTime and Facebook, and then some!

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